Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Do you ever have the feeling where you are completely numb?

You go through your entire day not caring about a single thing. You try to put a smile on your face and be happy but deep down inside you feel absolutely nothing. Lately this is what I've been feeling. I'm so drained from the stress of life that I don't care about anything that used to be so important to me. As I've been feeling this I decided to talk to one of my close friends about this feeling. She shared that she had been feeling the same way. I'm not alone feeling this way. I asked her how she copes with the depressing feeling. She said she tries to find one thing every day that makes her happy. I tried doing this and surprisingly it helped.

You may go through times in you life where you're going to feel hopeless and numb, but the main thing is that you cannot give up. Giving up gives power to your depression and, girl, you are so much better than that! You have a purpose in life. You may not know what it is now (cuz I really have no idea what mine is) but you will one day. There is purpose around you everywhere you look. If you find something you are somewhat passionate about, you can definitely use your passion to help others. BAM right there can be one of your purposes in life.


  1. Yes, I've totally experienced this/been experiencing this! I think one thing that helps me is actively asking myself what I need; do I need to be with friends? Talk to someone? Be alone? Take a bath? Bake cookies? This helps manage things so it doesn't begin to get out of hand!

    Thanks so much for being honest and vulnerable. It's deeply appreciated!

    1. That is such a great idea. Sometimes when you get discouraged you just need to do whatever makes you feel better. Thank you for sharing!


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