Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What is True Beauty?

So now that finals are quickly approaching then after that, I'll be on my winter break from school for over a month, I thought I should start blogging again! :D I'm so excited to be writing some more. I've missed talking to you all so much!

Lately I had to write an argumentative paper for my college English class. I could choose the topic and I chose girl's self-esteem. Yes, I know this is a very very deep subject for an English class, but I'm super passionate about helping young girls that even in my English class I wanted to share it. As I began writing, it took me barely an hour to write a 5 1/2 page paper because I had so much I wanted to say and share. Now I won't type up my entire paper for you all, but I do wanna share some of the key details I did write about, that I think is extremely important.

The Joy of Laughter, Laughing, Good for the soul.:

Years ago when Marilyn Monroe was alive and a model, she was considered beautiful. Even though she had curves and maybe not the "picture perfect" body, she was still beautiful. If that was true then, why does it have to change now. Society has tried to change everyone's outlook on true beauty. Personally I think everyone is beautiful and I'm definitely not just saying it. I've never seen an ugly girl in my life. To me it doesn't matter if you are super thing or if you are curvy. Everyone was made different but we all are beautiful. Just because we do not look like the celebrities we see in magazines, doesn't mean that we aren't beautiful. And guess what?! The models in those magazines don't even look like that. While I was researching information for my paper I cam across an interview with a celebrity and she shared that she had to talk herself up in the morning, constantly reminding herself that she was gorgeous. Society puts celebrities on a pedestal, but in reality they are just like you and me. I know it is a lot of work to be completely happy in yourself and how you look. Trust me I know. I'm still struggling with it. But something I have to remind myself is that it doesn't matter what other people think. I need to stop comparing myself to others. If I am happy with how I am, that is all that matters. Me comparing myself to others realizing I'm not as fit as another girl is not going to help me in any way. Its just going to bring me down. So to answer the question what is true beauty? Its you girls. All of you are true beauty!

Challenge of the day: Compliment another girl today! I feel like us girls don't compliment each other enough. Now don't go say ooooh I love your shoes (that is a great compliment) but say something like you look super pretty today. Say something positive to the girls around you. We need to bring each other up!


  1. Great post Ashley! I'll try to complete your challenge! ;)

    1. Thanks, Lydia! :) Good luck on the challenge!

  2. Thanks for posting, Ashley! Such a needed reminder!
    ~ Kaitlyn


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