Tuesday, February 17, 2015

You Can Do It!

The first semester of school has just passed and well, I'm sure all of you (including me) just wants summer to come so you can be done with school and not have to do all of this studying and try to keep your grades up. Well this is just going to be a little encouraging post that YOU CAN DO IT! I know school is long, hard, and sometimes even boring, but what I try to think about when I stressing myself out is that once I'm done with school, I can go to college if I want or I can go and get a job and I won't have to do school again. School is apart of growing up. Its something that you just have to do. So put your head up you have one more semester left of school than 3 months of break!! :D


  1. Thanks for the encouragement :) I love your blog, and I wish I could get around to commenting more often.
    It's really hard but important to do our best in schoolwork to glorify God, for we are supposed to do all things as if we are working for Him!
    -Lauren <3

  2. Thank you for the encouragement!

    Well…some people have three months break to look forward to……others have one month until a competition, then another performance, end of year showcase performance and then their summer is full of extra intensive ballet training! :) No time to get bored, but no summer breaks either! ;)

    It's lovely that you are posting again! I have been reading your posts as they have been coming through my email (sorry I haven't had time to comment!). :)

    1. Well good luck on your competition! I know you'll do amazing! :D


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