Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Feeling Lonely {Ashley's Advice}

Someone recently left me a comment that they weren't able to spend time with their friendly lately and they have been feeling lonely.

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This is kinda a hard question to give advice on, since I don't really know your specific situation. I would maybe plan a day when all of your friends and you can just hang out. Whether you all go out to get coffee or plan a day just to talk. Once you are able to reconnect with friends, you stop being lonely. I don't always have time and am able to hang out with my friends, but I try my best to talk to them on a daily basis. Whether its emailing, texting, calling, snapchatting, you name it. I think if you just keep in contact with your friends, it helps you not feel as lonely.

I hope this helped a little to all of you that had questions. Please comment below your opinion on relationships too! I would love to hear them!
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