Friday, March 20, 2015

Relationships {Ashley's Advice}

I was recently asked on my Advice Column page for some relationship advice. Like what I think about relationships, and if the guy should always be older than the girl. So today this post is going to be advice on relationships. Now, I'm definitely not a pro when it comes to relationships, but I will try the best I can to help you.

Relationships can be a very controversial subject for a lot of families. I know many families who do not condone relationships unless you are going to court/date the man that you are going to marry. Now my opinion on relationships is that they are fine to have as long as you have boundaries. A relationship without boundaries never turn our well. If you are still living at home with your parents, I would definitely suggest discussing it with them first. Just get your parents opinion on relationships, and go from there. My parents and I have discussed dating, and for me it is okay if I get into a relationship whenever I feel the time is right.

Now the question if the guy should always be older than the girl. I think it really depends upon the person and what they want. I know many couples where the girl is older than the guy. To answer the question I don't think it is wrong. As long as both people have a mature attitude I think it doesn't really matter on the age.

I hope this helped a little to all of you that had questions. Please comment below your opinion on relationships too! I would love to hear them!
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  1. I'm pretty much on the same page with all of your advice. I think rules for relationships vary depending on how old you are, whether or not you live with your parents, and what your personal convictions are about relationships. Obviously there are Biblical standards for purity that can't be questioned or varied.

    Thank you for sharing!!

    a vapor in the wind

    1. Exactly, everyone as a different opinion when it comes to relationships. But if we have any specific questions always go to the Bible.

  2. Mature, level headed advice. As a mama, I would add, that your "innocence" is a gift - a special gift - intended for your wife/husband. I know it is an unpopular "old" fashion opinion - but, I just raised 2 young women - whom I might add - had long term relationships with their spouces - basically, they were each of their first boy/girl friends. Anyway, they can tell you that keeping "pure" was hard, but all 4 of them were able to do this - boundaries and knowing your limits is key. Basically, don't get too is just an unwanted temptation.


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