Thursday, January 2, 2014

Using Your Talents

God has given everyone talents. Some may have more of a noticeable talents, but everyone has talents. Some may be able to sing really well, or play an instrument. Some people may be able to draw fabulously. Everyone's talents have an equal importance. You may say that someone who can sing has a bigger talent then someone that can draw well. That isn't true. God has given everyone a special talent. Whatever your talent is you should use it to honor God. I know a few people who draw amazingly. And ya know what? They draw for God. They have accepted that God has given them the talent to draw and they use it to honor God. Its good to know what your talents are. If you don't know what talent you have ask your parents or friends. They will tell you. Another thing I've noticed with people and their talents is if they don't be careful they can get extremely prideful. One thing I always remember when I use my talents for God is that it really isn't me that can do something really well. Its God who has given me the talent. Without him I wouldn't be able to any of this. So just remember that everyone has a special talent from God. What are some of the talents that God has given you?


  1. Ohh loved this post Maria! Thank you so much for sharing this! I really needed to read this! :) ~Tashia

  2. I have been blessed with many talents: writing, piano, dance, and many, many more. I thank God every day for the talents and abilities He has given me!

    Thank you for the encouraging posts!


  3. I have a question... How do I know what my talent is? I think it might be photography, if it is how do I glorify god through photography?


    1. Photography could be your talent! If you aren't sure you can always ask your family and see what they say too! Also if you want to use your talent to glorify God you could make a scrapbook portraying all of the beauty in God's creation. You could offer to take photos of peoples families. Or you could even start a blog posting some of your photography. These are only some ideas of what you could do. And to glorify God in your talent doesn't necessarily mean you have to do it for church or anything like that. If you realize that God has blessed you with a specific talent and don't get prideful about it you are using it for God. :) Hope this helped! <3


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